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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunburned Butt!

Hooray!!!  Phase two treatment complete! It has been a long five weeks, but we're finally done. We have had 25 radiation zaps to the butt area. Well, really more than that 25 x 4 = 100 and I'll still be cooking for about 6 week while the body begins to heal. So just imagine one hell of a sun burn in that tender region, thank heaven for lidocaine cream. I have done well with treatment with few side effects.

The  next step is three  rounds of  Bracytheraphy, internal radiation which will be a week apart. This involves inserting a tube and then sending in a radioactive seed which will sit at the cervix for 3 to 8 minutes. This will be a high dose of radiation administered right to the top of where the cervix used to be. This will reduce a recurrence to this area to about 2%. Sounds pretty good. The rest will be up to me to keep it at bay.

I'm posting a couple images of the radiation treatment zapping center. Lovely position face down, butts up.

Standing up to Cancer!


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