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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feel like a turkey with a pop-up timer!

Wow....finally done with the probe radiation. I had three treatments a week apart, where a tube is inserted, a wire is attached with a radioactive seed at the other end. The doctor inserts the tube, then a brace contraption is used to hold the tube in place. The tube has a maker wire inside so when they take the digital x-ray they can see if the placement is correct. When they get it just right the maker wire is pulled out and the seed wire is attached. Joe the Driver with his remote control drives the seed up the tube. This is the turkey part, lay perfectly still for six minutes, the turkey timer pops-up... DONE... the seed will retract to it's lead lined container. Joe the driver comes in with geiger counter to make sure the seed has left and is safely home. 

Now the good news.....with all the radiation treatment I'm down to a 2 % recurrence rate in that area.

On the table ...ready to go!

 In the turkey position .... all plugged in!

Stand up to cancer.... Fight back!

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