Living Well with Big "C"ancer

I'm writing to express my feelings and share my journey about having and surviving CANCER! These are just my thoughts and opinions. I believe humor to be a big healer .... laughing, crying, living everyday to the fullest!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ready to Rumble!

OK....Chemo # 3 and we're ready to rumble. We're taking out any "C" cells that may have slipped away and are lurking in parts unknown.  You can't hid.....I'm pumping in the poisons to take you out. I'm bringing in my support team. Hubby, best friend, cheer leading granddaughter and some mighty fine nurses! There is no escape!

Blood tests are back and the body looks good.....we're ready for the third attack.

Here is the Drug Pusher.....Boy she looks happy!

Here we go the warriors are ready!

Look at those warrior girls....K- pow!#*

My super support team....Best friend Linda and my super granddaughter Tapanga!

Two of  best nurses....They take very good care of me!

The feet are doing the happy dance...just a little jig.  We made it through another round, we're knocking  those "C" cells out!

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