Living Well with Big "C"ancer

I'm writing to express my feelings and share my journey about having and surviving CANCER! These are just my thoughts and opinions. I believe humor to be a big healer .... laughing, crying, living everyday to the fullest!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ten Good Things about Being Bald!

I just knew there had to be something good about being bald. I've been keeping a log of my Cancer journey and when I think of things I jot them down in my Journey Book.  Here are a few things about being Martha would say " It's a Good Thing".     

1) Cool in summer. 2) Only need a drop of shampoo. 3) No bad hair days. 4) No helmet hair.
5) Bandanas in a rainbow of colors. 6) Buff and go. 7) Don't need cream rainse.
8) Toss the hair dryer. 9) No morning hair. 10) Great wigs you never would have tried......Lady GaGa!!! 


  1. YOU put the 'beautiful' in bald!

  2. Lyn Windom-KilbournAugust 27, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    I love your sense of humor! Love you!