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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Up and Over - Day 2

 Today we leave Kimball SRA and head for Broken Arrow CG at Diamond Lake. The original route went up and around Crater Lake coming out the North entrance, but the road is still covered in snow. We will have to take Hwy 62 to Union Creek then head North up Hwy 230 toward camp. (note I said UP and an extra 15 miles).

I woke this morning with my left knee in pain. I pushed myself hard the day before. I dressed, got myself out of the tent and  as I stood up pain shot through my knee. "Crap" I though, this just can't be happening. I came on tour to ride to prove to myself that I'm back, that I beat cancer and I'm my old (new) self again. Well, so much for that idea, a failure after only one day. OK, maybe it's not as bad as you think, maybe once you get warmed up the knee will be fine.

We buttoned up camp and headed out. The terrain was fairly flat, so I did a lot of spinning to get warmed up. The landscape was green and lush, lots of cattle grazing, with snow capped mountains to gaze upon.

Here we go the three biker chicks ...... on our way to Diamond Lake!  Only 56 miles to go.

 It wasn't long before we started climbing towards Crater Lake. The pain was getting worse. I had to get off and walk some of the stepper hills. Walking hurt and I couldn't bend my knee. "Holy-Moly" this is not good. I got back on ole' blue and tried again.

This is a pull out where you can look down into the ravine with it's out cropping of giant rocks. It was not long after this stop I had to make a decision. Keep pushing and risk more damage or quit and get it on ice.  Linda went on ahead to let the SAG know to come and pick me up. I started walking and it wasn't long before Ruth & Gary came to my rescue. I tied a small bag of  ice around my knee and downed some more Ibuprofen. So that was it I would be riding the rest of the day. I couldn't ask for better care or greater company.

Met up with the group at Annie Creek, which is the south entrance to Crater Lake.

Time for a little snack break and some picture taking.....How about that snow! We won't mention those snow mosquitoes. 

I'm getting a lesson in SAG operations. Ruthie's got her clip board, checking everyone off so we don't leave any one unaccounted for. My job, as we pass riders, is to check for thumbs up or thumbs down. Up is good, down need help. Best of all I get to cheer everyone on. Ya, Good job, you can do it!

The riders have a long, hot, up hill to peddle. We wait at this over look with water, bug spray and sun screen. Did I mention it's HOT! and the Mosquitoes are thirsty.

While we wait.... this is what Mount Mazama once looked like before it blow it's top and became Crater  Lake.

Here they come....Hot, tired and bitten.    Where's the bug spray?


Bruce and Glenn

Leslie on her first tour .... Looking Good!
Ann on her low rider

Linda chugging down ice cold Gatorade.

Shirley looking strong!

Rafael and Steve the red team eating red licorice.

Mt Thielsen and it's all down hill to Diamond Lake ....... and camp at Broken Arrow Campground

The palace is up, laundry done and a hot shower taken. We're off to have pizza for dinner!

Hanging out around the campfire....where's the marshmallows?  My knee's still on ice and I think I've emptied a bottle of ibuprofen.  But, what a great day this has been .... Life is Good!

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