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Friday, July 29, 2011

Weeee it's Down hill - Day 3

What is it about riding a bike that brings out that 10 year old kid? May be no worries no troubles, just fun. That's what biking is, sure there are challenges, but basically you just have fun all day long.

We have a short up hill today out of Diamond Lake and then a fantastic 20 miles down hill to Diamond Lake Junction. The total miles for the day will be 49 and 20 of those will be on Hwy 97.

Lets get going.... only  9 miles to the summit!

We have a little  tradition when we make it to the top of a summit. We, the three biker chicks, toast with a swig of whiskey.  Who-rah!           How many summits do we have?

Here comes that 20 mile down hill and breakfast at the Diamond Lake Junction Cafe

Now that's a bikers pancake! The cafe is truly a diamond in the ruff. The food was great and the service friendly, even after being hit up by 32 hungry bikers.

Only 20 miles left to go all on Hwy 97 .... traffic!

Spotted the SAG in Chemult .... looking for a little shade. We refill water bottles and grab a quick snack before heading out for Crescent.

Only a mile more to Gilchrist where we'll camp at the Gilchrist school. They have a bike path between the two towns, Great! Only problem is the wide, up heaved cracks in the black top, made for a bumpy ride to camp.

We stopped in at the corner market to indulge in a little ice cream before heading to camp. Once at camp I quickly get the palace set up and headed for the showers, only to hear screams coming from the woman's locker room. What the heck?  I rushed in to find naked woman running in and out of ice cold water spouting from the shower heads. Okay, who forgot to turn on the hot water?  Oh this is brutal and I was ever so thankful  I have extremely short hair. Wow, that was invigorating, a shower to remember!   Sorry no pictures, but it would have been better on video anyway. 

Oh, and by-the-way, the men's  shower had super hot water, not sure who got the better deal here, iced cheeks or scalded buns.

Now that we're all clean and beautiful we headed on back to Crescent for the group dinner. Once during the tour the club hosts a dinner and our accommodations for the evening were at the Woodsman Country Lodge

Quite an interesting place with an array of dining companions. They have an extensive collection of  alcohol decanters and wild beast of all sorts.

Dinner was chicken pasta and veggies. So much food, we had left-overs for lunch the next day.

Oh, and we must not forget the evenings entertainment. Remember when I said it was good to be 10 years old, well Ann talked Candis, Linda And I into being her back-up singers for a tribute to Ruthie who has done 28 tours. So, with only 20 minutes practice time, I (the rest we're pretty good), proceeded to make a total fool of myself. We sang "The Touring Queen", Ann's adaptation to the "The Dancing Queen".  Hum along now, we had the moves, Ann had the words..... The crowd loved it.  

Robert said he has it all on tape, plans to debut it on U-Tube. It should probably come with a warning label.

All-in-all it was great fun and a wonderful tribute to our beautiful Touring Queen, Ruthie.

P.S. There are no pictures of this event, I can only hope!

Here's to another Fantastic day of  touring!

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