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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. For the past three years Creative Crafts has invited the public to decorate bras and then for a $1.00 you get to vote. The bras are also for sale and all money goes to help! Here is my entry for this year.

        I had my 3 month check-up with Dr Kenyan today. All of my blood work came back great. my CA 125 was 13.2 a tiny bit lower than my last test. This is the marker that is used to flag a potential problem. It needs to stay low, constant and below 35. I have the type of cancer that can travel through the blood, there are only three types of cancers that do this. So this is the reason for such aggressive treatment in the early stages to kill off any wandering  bad boys.

Going through Chemo and radiation ages your body about five years or so.  It takes you much longer to recover than you realize.  I though that once the treatment was over I'd be back to my old self... not true. My feet are still suffering from neuropathy, my husband tells me I have chemo brain.....I think I"m fine! I don't have the energy I used to and I some times have muscle and joint pains. I have scare tissue that is still healing, but with all that said, I'm grateful to be here, I feel great and will continue to improve to get back those five years I lost.

Live your best Life everyday!

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