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I'm writing to express my feelings and share my journey about having and surviving CANCER! These are just my thoughts and opinions. I believe humor to be a big healer .... laughing, crying, living everyday to the fullest!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Gets A Haircut!

Baby hair that is ..... I was treated to a post chemo cut with Lisa at Hair Body & Sole Salon & Day Spa .  I was getting a little shaggy around the ears, I know you're thinking why would I complain when I was lacking in the abundance of hair department. Well, I've grown to like my new very short look.  It's low maintenance, buff and go styling and sassy.  My last chemo was in October, it's taken five months to grow less than an inch of hair, wow.  Now growing my hair out is going to be a fun adventure.  I'm excited to see all my new looks unfold.
Here is my before and after looks .... can you see a difference?

While I was getting my hair cut a cute little girl was waiting her turn. She also wanted a short cut and her mom had brought a picture of what see wanted, but when I was finished she looked up at her mom and said, "I want my hair just like that lady's". What a compliment! First time any one's ever wanted my hair. 
I'm liking this short and sassy look!

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