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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How did they do it ?

I have not pedaled my bike in three days,  I've been working arms, back, legs, butt and parts I didn't even know I had. For the last three days, I've been grubbing weeds and grass out of my garden.

I want to know how the early pioneers ever survived ....This is bloody #&%@)  hard work getting food to the table!   They made it look easy on "Little House on the Prairie".

Last year at this time  I was heavy into my cancer treatment and could barely walk to the garden, so not much got done no weeding, tilling or planting happened. With our wonderful wet spring weather here in Oregon,  the grass and weeds flourished, the sun came out for a day, they grew some more. Now, I have a jungle and it's June.

The Jungle

So, I  grub, removing all the grass, putting in raised beds with screen in the bottom to keep the moles from eating everything I plant. I may have it done in a couple of years if I don't keel over first.

Three full loads
The Dirt Sifter - great for the arms

Large Garden - I should be in great shape
 Gardening counts as training.   I'm going back to pedaling ..... much easier and a lot more fun!

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