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Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Training

I'm in transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor. Let me tell you this is a long process, mentally and physically. When I finished treatment I expected my body to be  back to it's old self in no time. Wrong thinking, I don't have my old body, I'm working with a brand new one. Surgery, radiation and chemo killed off cells, now replaced by new ones and it takes time for your body to rebuild. Some things, like growing back the nerve sheaths in your hands and feet take longer than say growing your hair back.  So that brings me to why I'm in training ....  Loop Tour.

Now you ask, just what is a loop tour? Will I'm going to spend 9 days, on a fully loaded bike, pedaling 405.8  miles around Oregon. Starting in Klamath falls, camping every night, eating tons of good food, meeting awesome people and then ending up back in K-Falls, a loop.
 This is my cancer victory ride!

I've been training.....starting back in April a merger 5 miles to start, had to walk some of the hills just to get home, worked  up to a  trek to Alsea Falls, with my biking bud Linda.

We had a beautiful day of riding, lots of hills to climb and  nice descents, meandering  under a canopy of maple trees. We had the park to ourselves as we stopped  for a snack and enjoyed the quite solitude. 
 I'm up to 20 miles round trip Yahoo!   (Still had to walk that last hill to home)

Oh ... can I count pulling weeds and manually grubbing grass out of my garden upper body training? 

More adventures to come.....

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