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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Waging War - Made it through week one!

Week one over and I'm almost feeling normal again. Monday we started the day with my first radiation treatment. I was on time at 9:30 but the staff was running late and I had my chemo appointment at 10:00. I'm still waiting .... at 10: 15 they sandwiched me in. I'm feeling like a rush job, what a way to start treatment.  It only takes about 10 minutes to actually do the radiation. I'm being treated with 4 beams to the pelvic area, both sides, front and back. I have three tattoo dots so the tech's  can line me up in the same position each time. I will get this 5 days a week for 5 weeks.
Off to the infusion center for chemo, 45 minutes late. I'm a little un-nerved but the staff wasn't worried, didn't even realize I was behind schedule. OK... relax, just RELAX....deep breathe.... this was the tough part of the day for me. I'm thankful Rick, and my friend Linda were there to keep me me centered and my mind occupied.  We started by having to access my power port which was implanted about 2 weeks earlier. they numb the area to get me plugged in, took two tries. Once plugged in they took blood samples to send up to the lab to check my blood counts and chemistry. If I'm not up to snuff no chemo. While we waited for the results a fluid IV drip was started. The chemo drug I'm receiving is called cisplatin and very hard on the kidneys. I was well hydrated a week before treatment and after. The blood test all came back excellent. It was a go for the chemo......
Chemo makes you feel quite nausea's, wanting to vomit, but they drugs to help you to the tune of $500 per pill. Get real, maybe holy shit... was my reaction! My doctor had not scheduled me for these little wonder pills, but those dedicated nurses managed to score me some. Thank you, thank you. You only need three one in the infusion and then a pill on days one and two. All the chemo  now cursing through my veins, time for more fluids. The whole infusion took six and a half hours. I'll need to do one more cisplatin treatment in 28 days. So now we are over the river and through the winding hills to radiation every day.

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