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Friday, April 30, 2010

Week Two - In Zap Land

We made it through another week. I so look forward to the weekends when we don't have to go any where and I can sleep in.... Pure heaven!  So here is a quick recap of  last weeks events in Zap land.
Monday ran into an old friend, she is also getting treatment. Plan on coffee and a chat later next week. Tuesday I was a little late but they got me in and out in record time. Wednesday I was early, good thing too because they have a massage therapist and I received a 15 minute shoulder and neck rub....ahaaa.  On  to the table where I have to lay face down with my little butt in the air as the machine rotates around me zapping me with my four daily doses. Today while I'm still on the table the tech's take x-ray's to double check my positioning. With all that complete, I'm off to see the Doctor. The nurse took my weight....shit lost 5 pounds (never thought I'd be saying that).  BP, blood draw, and a million questions. Doctor's a little concerned with the weight lose. More protein....need to keep the cells feed. Rick even has me eating meat to keep my protein up. Thursday we had to be in town extra early so Rick could go to the Chiropractor.  A quick trip to Home Depot and and then up to zap land. Today the social worker left me some gas cards to help out with our daily commute. Friday!  They were running a little behind.....nice group of tech's always interested in how your feeling and what your up to. Last zap of the week, but then I had to get a cat scan where the take pictures to see what the radiation is doing to my innards and if they need to make any changes. The tech said things looked normal for week two. I ask him how long the radiation stays in our system....well it takes about 6 weeks for the body to completely build new cell, that's when radiation ends. But with daily zaps it will accumulate getting stronger till I'm done. So every day I increase my army - go get'm guy's!

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