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Monday, April 5, 2010

Good news .... Bad news

 Well, I know it has been a while since my last post. I've had some major decisions to make. My post op appointment  yielded good news and some bad. The good news, I'm healing up nicely from the surgery. I'm all most back to my old self.  The pathology report showed Endometrioid  Adenocarcinoma stage2b grade 3. Twenty three lymph nods were negative as well as ovaries, fallopian tubes both negative. All great news! 

Now for the not so great news. The cancer invaded the cervix to a depth of  1.6 cm out of 2.0 cm max wall thickness and the cancer is aggressive. what does all this mean. First surgery did not totally take care of the problem. Follow up treatment will be needed. Dr Dotters felt that radiation therapy was a must, because of the aggressive nature of this type cancer it would likely return to the cervix area. It was also recommended to sandwich the radiation with chemotherapy to kill any cancer cells that might have escaped and are hiding that the radiation would not get.

Wow,  radiation OK I can do that.....I can see that's a no brainer.  But, Chemo No No No! Please No! I need to think. We set up consultations with both the Radiation and the Chemotherapy Doctors so I could get my questions answered. I had time to think and do some research.

Decisions .... What to do now!

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