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I'm writing to express my feelings and share my journey about having and surviving CANCER! These are just my thoughts and opinions. I believe humor to be a big healer .... laughing, crying, living everyday to the fullest!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Emerging from HELL!

A quick update after 4 days in Hell!

1st day Beet red face and jaw pain, 2nd day severe hip and leg pain on right side. Day 3 more pain spreading all over body. 4th day pain from knees to feet extremely bad at night.  Day 5 better. Pain was so bad days 2-4 had to dip into the Vicodine.  Now I'm to recover so they can hit me again. Moral of story don't get cancer! This is the 1st time since all this started I've broken down ..... Shear hell!

OK, so everybody stay healthy, eat right, exercise and stay far away from this cancer stuff.

Sorry no pics this time......

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