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Friday, July 23, 2010

My Best Hair Cut Ever!

I know It will only last a few weeks But WOW.....I like it.   Lisa Mattson from Hair, Body and Sole Salon & Day Spa  has a wonderful program called  Minding the Body it is a not-for-profit group with the primary purpose of providing free salon services for local women while they undergo chemotherapy treatment.

One of the hardest, most emotional aspects of cancer treatment is losing your hair. Funny part is I've never really liked my hair. It's always been thin and straight, you put a curl in it and ten minutes later it's straight.... again. So I would wear my hair pulled back in a ponytail most of the time. But, at the thought of  losing my puny hair its devastating. You have all these thoughts running through your head......I'll be bald, what will people think, they'll know I have cancer, it makes cancer real ... I have it. Will my hair grow back? What will it be like, thinner, curly, peach fuzz, a different color, thicker, maybe wishful thinking there.

Lisa gave me my 1st haircut after chemo.  But she gave me much more than just a haircut, she made me feel beautiful, what I'm feeling is OK and she'll  help get me through to growing beautiful new hair.

Patty, my beautiful daughter and Tapanga, my awesome granddaughter and  photographer for this haircut session came along for morale support.

 Here's a couple before.


Shampooed and ready to cut.

Cutting.....Getting shorter.

A little blow drying...... a snip here and there.

Wow looking good!    Feeling Sassy.....

Thanks Lisa for your compassion and helping chemotherapy patients going through this transition.

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