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Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Chemo Today


 Today I had my first round of Taxel and Carboplatin. Started the morning with a weigh in then numbing my accessing  port.

Two vials of blood drawn to check blood counts. These are then sent to lab to be analyzed as we wait for the results a saline solution is dripped in. Finally after a
little over an hour the test results are in.

The blood test are good so we're a go..... Before they can start the Taxel I'll need some anti-nausea med's (Zofran).  Lots of  drugs to keep you from all the side effects of chemo and more side effects from the drugs they give you for the side effects.......I've had more drugs pumped into me than I've had in my whole life.

Next I get a corticosteroid so I wont have an allergic reaction and Benadryl for motion sickness. Last I was given Famotidine (Pepcid) to help with stomach acid so you don't produce to much.

Triple checks ...... to calculate the amount of chemo drugs to be given they take your weight and height and put it into a magic formula and come out with your body surface area. I'm a  1.8. The system goes to three checks, first Dr kenyan does his calculations, next nurse Catrina second check and finally, last check is done by cocktail man from the pharmacy.  All check complete he's ready to mix.

                                                                  Wow..... I think we're ready!

Meet cocktail man. Young, good looking and very nice for a guy who is about to poison you.  He mixes all my drug cocktails.


Catrina, my nurse, suiting up so she can plug me into the Taxel.  What does this say..... Don't I get a protective gown and gloves?


Getting plugged in ...... no turning back now!
 Here we go pumping in the poison ......Taxel.
BP check every 10 minutes to make sure I have adverse reactions.
It will take 3 hours to empty that bag ...... slow poisoning.
Then an other 30 minutes for the Carboplatin.  Then 51/2 hours later I'm cut loose ........ Freedom at last!

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